Spartanics L1000


  • Stock: #14702
  • Web Width: 13in
  • Year: 2012
  • Manufacturer: Spartanics
  • Model: L1000
  • Die Stations: 1


Spartanics L1000 13-inch used laser die cutter featuring 2 rewind stations, UV station, manual slitting; unwind and rewind diameters of 24in

FlexoExport’s knowledge and expertise is recognized globally as the “leading source” in used flexographic equipment, plant liquidations, equipment appraisals, and press maintenance. Our goal is to properly assess the needs of each client and to recommend ONLY the correct solution to meet your specific application. FlexoExport buys and sells used flexo printing presses, digital label presses, digital label finishers, slitter rewinders, and other label converting equipment. Our technicians are available to travel worldwide to dismantle, breakdown, and relocate your flexo printing equipment.

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