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Our History

To this day, it is the goal of FlexoExport’s staff to continue the tradition of “helping” its clients find only the most suitable solution to their equipment needs. As Leon always ingrained into the sales staff, “sales is a consultative process, whereby, trust can only be attained and maintained through the dissemination of accurate and trustworthy information”. Below is a brief history of how FlexoExport began as a leader in the flexographic industry.

Flexo Through the Years

January 1955

The Beginning

Leon Beaudoin standing by a flexographic press

In the mid-1950’s, Leon Beaudoin began his career in the label industry.

January 1963

Webtron is Founded

Early photo of Webtron machine

In 1963, he and three others pioneered Webtron Corporation. His global travels helped introduce the then “state of the art” machine to the world.

June 1978

Webtron Demonstration

Leon Beaudoin showcasing Webtron machine in the late 70's

Leon Beaudoin demonstrating the Webtron 1050 press in the late 70’s at a trade show.

August 1979

Movers & Makers

Leon Beaudoin on cover of Package Printing magazine

Leon Beaudoin featured on the cover of Package Printing magazine along with his friend Ed Herter and Earle Harley (who manufactured the Harley Plate Mounting System).

January 1987

FlexoExport is Founded

Leon Beaudoin founds FlexoExport in 1987

After his 30 years with Webtron, Leon began FlexoExport in 1987. His main objective was to provide many of his clients with a secure yet affordable option to such heavy capital expenditures.

January 1989

Scott Joins FlexoExport

Scott Beaudoin joins FlexoExport

It was at that time that Scott aggressively pursued a global recognition for the services that FlexoExport now provides.

January 2003

Scott Buys FlexoExport

Scott Beaudoin buys FlexoExport in 2003

In 2003, Scott completely purchased FlexoExport and started his mission to bring it to its greatest level of achievement ever. Like his father, Scott has traveled relentlessly around the globe in order to better understand the barriers to trade that so often exist in less developed nations.

January 2010

25 Years of Flexo

FlexoExport celebrates 25 years in the flexographic industry

FlexoExport celebrates 25 years in the flexographic industry. Our global approach to sales has expanded our horizons to almost every part of the world.

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